At Serious Pie Pike:


Join us the evening of Thursday, April 9th for the Specialty Coffee Association of America block party outside of Serious Pie Pike and the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. There will be music, drinks, and delicious Serious Pie pizza for all!!!! read more…

The Serious Story

Serious Pie, pizzeria with a bread baker's soul, serves up pies with blistered crusts, light textured but with just enough structure and bite. Our attentiveness to each pizza in the 600 degree stone-encased apple wood burning oven preserves the character of house made charcuterie and artisan cheeses from around the world.

Sample Menu

Serious Pizza

  • 16. buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil
  • 16. yukon gold potato, rosemary, pecorino romano
  • 17. sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers, provolone
  • 18. roasted seasonal mushrooms, truffle cheese
  • 18. penn cove clams, pancetta tesa, lemon thyme

Serious Pie Starters

  • 10. mixed baby greens, radish, moscatel vinaigrette
  • 12. marinated lacinato kale, calabrian chilis, pine nuts
  • 12. wood oven heirloom carrots, toasted coriander yogurt
  • 10. tuscan bread soup: prosser beans, lacinato kale, tomato
  • 13. burrata, charred brussels sprouts, fuji apples, pine budsyrup

Chef Bio

Tony Catini trailed as a line cook at Serious Pie Virginia on the first day it opened in 2006. When the second Serious Pie opened in 2011, Tony was promoted to Chef of Serious Pie Westlake. A few years later, Tony was promoted again to become Chef of both Serious Pies. In 2014, Tony was again promoted to chef of the third Tom Douglas Restaurants pizzeria, the newly opened Serious Pie Pike in Capitol Hill.

Tony earned his college degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Winona State University, but cooking was always in his DNA. He started dishwashing at a pizza restaurant in Chicago when he was only 14, becoming assistant manager at 16. While in college, he worked as a cook at a couple of local restaurants and was the catering chef for the local Best Western. After college, he decided to go to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Minnesota. His culinary school internship was at the upscale Zin Restaurant and Wine Bar in Healdsburg, CA. Eventually, Tony and his wife moved to Seattle where Tony began working for Tom Douglas.

Tony considers that the true heart and soul of his culinary education is what he learned from his Italian born mother. In fact, both of Tony's parents were born in the Abruzzo region of Italy a mile apart from each other, and later they separately immigrated to the United States where they met and married. Tony's love of Italian cooking has stood him in good stead at the Serious Pies, and he especially considers his work on the restaurants' charcuterie to be something that's in his blood.

Tony lives in Seattle with his wife Rachel and two children, Austin and Sophia.